Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Change of Thoughts

As the heat and humidity continues this week I have been having thoughts of what is approaching in a few weeks... I suddenly realized I haven't given one thought to creating some different treats for the coming season for my little Christmas tree. In the past years, I have always made new little vintage tags, tissue pattern flowers and other objects over the summer... As we travel to Indy for a few days this week I will give it some thought and so some planning of sorts... I am sure it will have a vintage flair.. Maybe I can dream of snow scenes as I relax around the pool...Gee I bet the snow in my dreams will even melt around me....Have any of you been creating or planning for Christmas? With the past years of floral and design I had always planned for Christmas decorating in shoppe and personal home decoration all year round... I guess my thought process is retiring with the couple years of retirement now... as I travel through this different faze of life... Many will be starting to set their shoppes and have been to gift marts shopping for months now to offer you new items of interest .... Last year I also enjoyed so many lovely and wonderful posts on the holidays... and creations by very talented people... I am certainly looking forward to it again... For today, however , I am going to seek a way to enjoy a day of heat and humidity.. Maybe thoughts of indulging with gourmet chocolates, scented candles and a whirlpool with lovely oils until the texture of my skin is prune like will fill the day.. Then maybe in reality I should just get some chores accomplished before the roses and champagne and oh yes hiring a maid.... And you all thought this heat wasn't really getting to me...... Wishes for a blessed day for all.

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Anonymous said...

I dread the Holidays this year as my Beloved Uncle Le passed in April & he will not be here. He always came to my Holiday Dinners for years & he always bestowed the family blessing.
I miss him so much......
All I really want in the next few weeks is cooler weather. I have had enough of this humidity!!