Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh My Gosh... It's HOT

I just finished a dip in the pool and watering the flowers and giving my feathered friends some fresh water in the fountain.... I am indoors for the afternoon.... I golfed this morning and it was definitely getting hot the last 4 holes... Starting out this morning it was so foggy till about 10 that we couldn't see our golf balls or the carts in front of us... I must say it was a different sort of morning... I was up a couple times in the night and the fog was all night and water was just laying all over the screens.... I am afraid not a little once of creativity is going to happen today with this lady.... I think the only thing I can gladly share today is the heat.......Blessings to all and if you are in the heat like we are here be kind to yourself.... I know my two sons are out working construction in this and I also know they will be feeling fatigue at the end of this day....


Anonymous said...

No fog here just FURNACE HOT ! ! !
Bring on the cool crisp air of October!!
Stay Cool!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Freezing here and raining for two days!!!!
I would love to have a swim in a Nice "heated"pool

BB said...

It is hot and muggy here in Iowa too. I swear, it literally sucks the energy out of me when I step outside.

Keep cool.