Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Passion For Vintage Shabby

The passion of Shabby Chic is all about using vintage furniture and objects to create a very unique feel and look in your home. Auctions and estate sales are by far the budget friendly ways to find the special objects of desire... It is always a treat when you can go home with a trunk full of goodies for less than 50.00 .... You must learn however to say "no" to most objects however and settle for the ones that truly make your heart go pitter patter.... Always on the search from others for inspiration is always a A+... Thinking outside the box is always another A+. When using this look you will not only receive comments on your unique style but some will make you green with envy.... The number one tip I can offer you is with the use of vintage so not allow your home to become messy... The training of one's self and other family members to pick up after themselves is key. No one enjoys a messy home...
Knowing many outdoor items can become indoor and many indoor can become outdoor can also become charming... Over the years many objects have shifted from place to place with the use of vintage and architectural objects all achieving the shabby appeal...Many times discarded items cab become one of our loved treasures... The old saying " One man's junk another man's treasure." This all teaching us our decor need not be expensive but creative... And emphase recycling and not to purchase of all new... In this yearning for the shabby make sure to keep it clean and don't create too much baggage but the use of a piece of luggage here and there makes great storage.... Enjoy....
I also wanted to share with you that a lovely give-a-way for artwork is taking place at http://marie-lostbirdstudio.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things to read about how an item can be repurposed. Now I don't mean some junk like some have published but logical items......
psssst....I have a "thing" for open cabinets & shelves!! LOL!!
Great Post!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Marietta,
just caame over for a short visit to say hello, but I'll be back later.Thanks for posting about my giveaway.Your pool looks so inviting!Have a great day and good luck.